The Camping and Caravanning Club Youth Section is for 12 to 17 year olds.

This is also known as the CCY (Camping Club Youth).    This is run by duly appointed Youth Leaders.

The aim of the CCY is to provide positive camping opportunities, experiences and practical knowledge to young people in a structured, safe and fun environment

From the age of 12  the youth can pitch their tent in the CCY (Camping Club Youth) area, under the leadership of our youth leaders.    If you have a young person who would like to join their local D.A youth please contact the youth leaders.   There is a CCY area allocated specifically for the youth on many of our meets.    There are Regional, National and International Youth meets, all geared up for the interests of the young camper.

 A test  is carried out once the DA youth leaders are satisfied the youth are ready.    Once passed successfully this allows the youth member to camp on their own on any Camping and Caravanning Club site or meet should they so wish.


So why do it?

  1. Increase camping skills and independence
  2. Stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs or university
  3. Experience new cultures at international events
  4. Show what they’ve achieved
  5. Camp without adult supervision on UK Club Sites from the age of 14
  6. Get free membership until the age of 21 and discounted membership until 30

What’s in the Test?

The Test covers all essential camping skills as well as general skills, such as first aid and map reading.    Your child will be tested on their skills in the following areas:

  • Kit Packing
  • Stoves and Fires
  • Map Reading – brush up on your skills with Ordnance Survey’s Mapzone
  • First Aid – get a free pocket sized first aid guide
  • The Code for Campers
  • Cooking
  • Choice of pitch
  • Putting a tent up

Some of these skills also form part of the Austin Trophy competition – Competed for at the Club’s National Youth Rally, so your child will have the chance to show off what they’ve learnt and maybe win a prize at the same time!